This two day workshop includes everything that is needed to become a world class technology investor. The workshop includes presentations, working sessions, action learning, and action planning to form an immersive experience. Usually hosted in San Francisco at the heart of Silicon Valley USA, and in London, England, the World Class Technology Investor program is also occasionally held in other cities or on demand on corporate client campuses.


This program is targeted at the more than 12 million US households who are accredited investors but who are not currently investing in early stage technology companies - the highest returning asset class in America.


Matthew C. Le Merle, managing partner at Fifth Era and at Keiretsu, the most active venture investor in the US will reveal the truths and secrets of the world of early stage technology investing including examples of companies he and his investors have backed which have been acquired by companies like Google, PayPal, PerfectWorld, Spotify and Yahoo for hundreds of millions of dollars.


The workshop participants will leave with:

  • Introduction to the disruptive innovations that are changing the world around us

  • The new mindset they need to master regarding the assumptions about how things work and why

  • Understanding of the greatest value creation opportunity the world has ever seen

  • Insights into how others are taking advantage to become the world's richest people

  • The nine options for participating in this enormous opportunity and how to decide between them

  • A clear understanding of what opportunities exist to invest in early stage technology startups

  • Approaches for gaining access to Unicorn investment opportunities

  • Starting steps to take if they do decide that they want to be active technology investors

  • Overview of the tools and approaches they will need to master

  • Alternative options if they decide that direct technology investing is not a good fit for them at the conclusion of the workshop


The cost of the two day workshop is $400 per person which includes all materials and meals during the two days. Participants are responsible for their own travel and lodging expenses to the location of the workshop.

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