This two day workshop includes everything that is needed to become a world class innovation leader. The workshop includes presentations, working sessions, action learning, and action planning to form an immersive experience. Usually hosted in San Francisco at the heart of Silicon Valley USA, and in London, England, the World Class Innovation Leader program is also occasionally held in other cities or on demand on corporate client campuses.


This program is targeted at corporate leadership teams including boards of directors. However, it is also open to any individual who wants to learn the essentials of becoming a world class innovation leader.


The co-authors of Corporate Innovation in the Fifth Era reveal the lessons to be learned from the most innovative companies including Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft. This includes the new innovation approach being used by these leading innovators, the 17 ways to exploit external innovation to your own advantage as well as the way to implement them in a large corporate setting.

After decades of focusing on innovation as corporate executives, board directors, investors and advisors, and working with innovative companies like Alphabet/Google, Amgen, Genentech, Microsoft, PayPal, and many more, the speakers are able to succinctly and simply explain this new world and how to prosper in it.


The workshop participants will leave with:

  • Introduction of the disruptive innovations that are changing the world around us

  • Understanding of how the most innovative companies are building enormous economic value by tapping into these innovations

  • Deep insights into the new corporate innovation approach that is needed to do so

  • Overview of the way external innovation fits into the new corporate innovation approach

  • Understanding of the 17 tools in the external innovation toolkit with their pros and cons

  • Initial steps towards deciding how best to apply each in their own company

  • Next steps for beginning to move their own companies towards this new approach


The cost of the two day workshop is $4,000 per person which includes all materials and meals during the two days. Participants are responsible for their own travel and lodging expenses to the location of the workshop.

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