This two day workshop includes everything that is needed to become a world class blockchain investor. The workshop includes presentations, working sessions, action learning, and action planning to form an immersive experience. Usually hosted in San Francisco at the heart of Silicon Valley USA, and in London, England, the World Class Blockchain Investor program is also occasionally held in other cities or on demand on corporate client campuses.


This session in targeted at investors who are watching the emerging blockchain and cryptoasset sectors but are not sure whether or how to participate. The speakers profile the sectors, explain what they are and the promise they hold with examples, and then dive into the various ways to invest and the pros and cons of each - direct investing in the equity of blockchain companies, being a LP in blockchain venture funds, using fund of funds, exploring ICO's, and cryptoasset hedge funds, fund of funds and so on.


Matthew C. Le Merle is managing partner of the Blockchain Fund of Funds, chairman at Securitize Europe and Linqto, and with his general partner, chairs the advisory boards at Blockchain Capital and at BitBull which are respectively the leading dedicated venture capital firm and first cryptocurrency fund of funds, and are advisors at Bitwise, the first cryptocurrency index fund. This gives them a unique perspective on this space. 


The workshop participants will leave with:

  • The summary of the period of unprecedented innovation in which we are living and the priorities for the world to move towards a fully digital world

  • An overview of why the world is talking about blockchain and crypto

  • Examples of specific applications that are live or in development

  • An overview of cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets.

  • Discussion of STO's - what are they and why do they matter.

  • A profiling of the various investment approaches with the pros and cons of each

  • Direct introductions, should they want them, to leaders in the field

  • Alternative investment strategies for blockchain should participants decide they do not want to be direct investors


The cost of the two day workshop is $400 per person which includes all materials and meals during the two days. Participants are responsible for their own travel and lodging expenses to the location of the workshop.

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