Innovation, INVESTING, Blockchain


Lessons from Alphabet/Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft

  • Understanding of how the most innovative companies are building enormous economic value by tapping into these innovations

  • Deep insights into the new corporate innovation approach that is needed to do so

  • Next steps for beginning to move your company toward this new approach

How to prosper in an age of unprecedented innovation

  • The new mindset you need to master regarding the assumptions about how things work and why

  • The greatest value creation opportunity the world has ever seen

  • How others are taking advantage to become the world's richest people

  • The reality that most people are sitting on the sidelines letting this opportunity pass them by

How to win the battle for blockchain competitive advantage

  • Establish a vision of the future and the big issues that need to be solved

  • Describe the enabling innovations and technologies that may be leveraged

  • Show you how to develop your strategy - making sure you have a “way to play” that you understand the key success factors, and that you quickly secure a “right to win.”